FST 114/ VEN 114 - Fermented Foods


COURSE GOALS: The fermentation of various foods and beverages involved the purposeful transformation of raw materials into a consumable product with enhanced nutrition, safety and sensory attributes. Food and beverage fermentation plays a significant role in all culinary traditions and is an important element of modern industrial food production. This course examines the different technical, biochemical and microbial systems involved in various food and beverage fermentations as well as the historical context for each fermentation type. Common biochemical pathways involved in different fermentation systems will be illustrated with special emphasis on those microbial, biochemical and environmental parameters that drive differential production and sensory outcomes. Both indigenous and inoculated fermentations will be discussed including methods for starter culture preparation, protection and use. The course will examine a range fermented products including: yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi, chocolate, coffee, beer and wine fermentations as well as profile key aspects of indigenous fermentations carried out by different cultures around the world. 

PREREQUISITES: BIS 103; MIC 102; or consent of instructor
Cross-listed with VEN 114

COURSE FORMAT: FST 114 is a lecture class with three 1-hour lectures per week



POTENTIAL COURSE OVERLAP: There are some minor overlaps in content with FST119 (Chemistry and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products) and VEN128 (Wine Microbiology). However this provides a much more broad perspective on food and beverage fermentations than either of these courses.