FST 101A - Food Chemistry Laboratory

(3 units) FALL QUARTER

COURSE GOALS: FST 101A and 101B are laboratory courses normally taken concurrently with FST 100A and 100B. These laboratory courses are taught with an emphasis given to the study of basic chemical and physical principles which influence the functional properties, nutritional value, safety and sensory evaluation of food. 

ENTRY LEVEL: FST 100A, must be taken concurrently

COURSE FORMAT: One hour lecture and a 3 hour laboratory weekly.

GRADING PERCENTAGES AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Weekly quizzes (60%) and laboratory reports (40%).

EXPLANATION OF POTENTIAL COURSE OVERLAP: This course does not overlap with existing courses. It builds on material from lecture course FST 100A.


  1. data analysis techniques
  2. crystallization
  3. rheology
  4. pectin 
  5. emulsion
  6. water activity
  7. enzyme unknowns
  8. enzyme inactivation
  9. sugar reactions