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Carlos Alvarez Food Innovation Lab

About Our Facility

Named in honor of Carlos Alvarez, a leading figure in the brewing industry and a major supporter of our Brewing Science program, the Carlos Alvarez Food Innovation Lab is a multi-use teaching and research kitchen. The classroom side of the lab consists of six identical stations stocked with home grade appliances, and is used for classes such as Food Preservation, Food Properties, Nutrition, and Product Development. The professional side of the lab contains commercial-grade equipment, is modular to allow for rapid installation and configuration, and is primarily used for consumer sensory testing in partnerships between department researchers and industry clients. Aside from normal classes and research, the lab is also home to numerous student club events, cooking workshops, educational activities centered around the intersection of food and culture, catered events, and various activities associated with our departmental cluster and the Robert Mondavi Institute Centers of Excellence.

In the video below by the Robert Mondavi Institute, you can see the Food Innovation Lab featured in the first segment.