FST 100A - Food Chemistry

(4 units) FALL QUARTER

COURSE GOALS: Food Science and Technology 100A is designed to give students an understanding of the chemical aspects of food composition. Emphasis is given to the functional properties and chemical reactions of the major components of foods: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and water. Discussions will focus on specific food examples.


COURSE FORMAT: Lecture, 3 hours/week; Discussion, 1 hour/week. Two midterms and a final exam will be given, and one of two methods will be used to determine the grade, whichever gives the higher score: (1) Drop lower of the two midterms; final counts 60%, other midterm counts 40%. (2) Two midterms each count 25%, final counts 50%.

I. Carbohydrates

  1. Mono- and disaccharides
  2. Attributes in Foods
  3. Reactions

II. Lipids

  1. Food lipids
  2. Reactions
  3. Crystallization

III. Water

  1. Water interactions
  2. Water activity

IV. Macromolecules

  1. Polysaccharides and proteins
  2. Viscous solutions: Solubility and rheology
  3. Gels

V. Emulsions

  1. Formation and stability
  2. Emulsifiers and stabilizers