FST 101B - Food Properties Laboratory


COURSE GOALS: This course is the laboratory associated with FST 100B. The laboratory follows the lecture material from FST 100B to some degree and attempts to demonstrate and amplify this lecture material. It also provides laboratory experience and applications in food systems.

ENTRY LEVEL: FST 100B, must be taken concurrently

COURSE FORMAT: One hour lecture and 3 hours laboratory per week.

GRADING PERCENTAGES AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Quizzes (50%) and laboratory reports (50%).

EXPLANATION OF POTENTIAL COURSE OVERLAP: This course does not overlap with existing courses. It builds on material from lecture course FST 100B.


  1. Sensory analysis
  2. Flour systems
  3. Milk proteins
  4. Plant and meat pigments
  5. Protein evaluation
  6. Computer use of food composition tables