David Mills

David Mills

David Mills, Ph.D.

Position Title
Peter J. Shields Chair in Dairy Food Science

Food Science and Technology

3142 Robert Mondavi Institute - North

David Mills is a Professor in the Departments of Viticulture & Enology and Food Science & Technology at the University of California at Davis. Dr. Mills has over 20 years experience working on the molecular biology of Gram-positive microorganisms, with an emphasis on the lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and bifidobacteria used in food fermentations or active as probiotics. An overall goal of Dr. Mills research is to link genomic content, ecological context and specific strain behavior to better understand LAB biology in their “working” environments. Dr. Mills is the founder of the LAB Genomics Consortium and is a founding member of the UC Davis Milk Bioactives and Functional Glycobiology Programs. Dr. Mills is a past Chair of the Food Microbiology Division for the American Society for Microbiology where he has also served as a Waksman Foundation Lecturer. Dr. Mills currently serves as an associate editor for the journal Microbiology. In 2010 Dr. Mills was awarded the Cargill Flavor Systems Award from the American Dairy Science Association. In 2012 Dr. Mills became the Peter J. Shields Endowed Chair in Dairy Food Science at UC Davis.


Awards and Honors

2012: UC Davis - Peter J. Shields Endowed Chair of Dairy Food Science 

2015: American Society of Microbiology - Fellow

2018: Clarivate Analytics - ISI Highly Cited Researchers

2019: Clarivate Analytics - ISI Highly Cited Researchers