Student in the labApplicants should understand that funding is limited and competitive. While the Graduate Group makes every effort to provide financial support to students, it cannot guarantee such support for the entire length of study. Below are the forms of support graduate students may be eligible for:

University Fellowships

The graduate online application process automatically includes an application for University Fellowships. These campus-wide fellowships are highly competitive.

Graduate Group Fellowships

The Graduate Group has limited funds available each year to help support incoming students. International Master’s students are not eligible for fellowship funding from the Food Science Graduate Group. Offers of Graduate Group Fellowships are made at the time of admission, and are included in the Graduate Group admission offer letter.

Teaching Assistantships (TA Appointments)

Teaching Assistants are graduate students who assist faculty in the teaching, instructional support or grading of their classes. TA appointments are available within the Department of Food Science & Technology as well as other departments on campus.

To apply for TA appointments outside of the Department, please contact the administration for each Graduate Program you could TA for directly. Additionally, many campus-wide TA opportunities are posted on the UC Davis Internship & Career Center's Aggie JobLink and some can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies Teaching Assistantship Database. Students are strongly encouraged to contact other UC Davis departments where they have the expertise to serve as a teaching assistant.

The Department of Food Science & Technology offers several teaching assistantships each quarter. Appointments are individually determined by the course instructor and the FST TA committee. At present, in-state fees, tuition and health insurance are completely covered under the UC Fee Remission program for any teaching assistantship appointment of 25% or greater.

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR Appointments)

Graduate Student Researchers (formerly termed Research Assistants) are hired under faculty research grants to perform research under the mentorship of the faculty. Traditionally, these appointments are negotiated after the student has secured a major professor. At present, students hired as a GSR for 25% or more have their in-state (and Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition, if eligible) fees paid under the UC Fee Remission program.

Department Scholarships

The Department of Food Science & Technology offers several privately funded scholarships. Anyone within the Department is eligible to apply, although some scholarships have additional requirements. Scholarship applications are distributed in early Fall quarter with the announcement of awards in January. Students and faculty are notified of applications and deadlines through department listservs.

External Scholarships and Fellowships

External Fellowships are those offered by private foundations, government agencies, and corporations. Students are always encouraged to seek funding from external sources. The Office of Graduate Studies provides listings of External Funding Sources, which can be accessed here: