FST 190 - Senior Seminar


Class Description:

This exciting class connects UC Davis food science and technology majors with industry professionals to explore career development. Students display great enthusiasm for interactive sessions that explore how a person builds on university experiences in food science to gain practical experience that prepares them to be food industry leaders.

Industry professionals are invited to lead a 50 minute interactive sessions to provide perspectives and to engage in conversation. The overview serves as a foundation for students to visualize a company's complexity, trends in the industry, current industry opportunities and current industry challenges.

Industry leaders reserve time during the 50 minute session to describe their own career path in the food industry.  The goal is for the industry leader to share their wisdom about ways to develop a successful food industry career.

Examples of conversations about career development may include internships, the hiring process, resume building, entry positions and creative professional networking. Previously, some industry leaders organized and brought a team from their company to connect students with early- and mid-career professionals.

Student enrollment:  90 food science students with a wide ranging of interests and diverse personal experiences.