FST 190 - Senior Seminar


COURSE GOALS: The objectives of Food Science and Technology 190 are to acquaint the student with sources of information related to food science, to provide students the opportunity to research literature on a selected topic, and to present it in an oral seminar with accompanying abstract and references.

ENTRY LEVEL: Primarily for seniors in Food Science and related majors, but other qualified students can be admitted with consent of instructor.


  1. One meeting per week
  2. Typical schedule
  3. Introduction, objectives and seminar assignments, grading policies
  4. Written and oral presentations, information sources, factors to consider in presenting a seminar
  5. Career opportunities, graduate school, references, interviews, resumes
  6. Student seminars on Food Science topic. Oral presentations are for 20 minutes each, selected in consultation with instructor. Each speaker should have a typed summary (approximately 1/2 page) and a list of key references (6 to 14) for distribution to the group at the time the seminar is presented. The speakers are to arrange for slide projector, podium or whatever is needed