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Grad grads 2022

2022 Food Science Graduates

2022 FST Graduates

Food Science MS and PhD Class of 2019

2019 - Food Science MS and PhD Class of 2019

Poster Award Winners image

2018 - 12th Annual ICFST

2017 Commencement party

2017 - Food Science MS and PhD Class of 2017

ice cream pic at 2017 FST Picnic Day

2017 Picnic Day at FST

2016 FST College Bowl team pic

2016 IFT College Bowl

FST at Picnic Day

2011 April - Picnic Day and Decision Day 2011

clydesdale pic

2011 January - Grand Opening of BWF Facility

Photo from the event

2010 December - Repeal Holiday Party

Fun Run - Start

2010 July - IFT Fun Run

Welcome to IFT!

2010 July - IFT

Smooches for the Dept Chair

2008 April - Cruess Hall Catwalk Event

Beam in Place

2007 June RMI Topping Off Ceremony

K. J. Hunter, C. Robison, B. Frost, J. Blatter, and K. Shaw

2007 June - Clara Award

Trivia Contestants

2007 May - Culinary Combat Event

Food Science Students

2007 May - Culinary Institute of America Visit

Students on the Stairs

2007 April - Student Recognition Banquet

Enjoying the BBQ

2007 April - Pre-Picnic Day BBQ

Charlie Bamforth and Norma

2007 April - Picnic Day Cow Milking Contest

Orientation attendees

2006 November - Undergraduate Orientation BBQ

College Award of Distinction Winners

2006 November - College Celebration - Award of Distinction

Group Photo

2006 July - IFT Conference

Class of 2006

2006 June - Undergraduate Commencement Reception

Group Photo

2006 June - Jody and Bob's Farewell


2006 June - Graduate Commencement Reception

Group Photo

2006 June - End of the Year Bash

Michelle, Clara and Jamie

2006 June - Clara Award

Grabbin some food

2006 June - Beer Tasting with the Chancellor's Club

Our Top Three

2006 May - UCD Outstanding Educator

Feeding Time

2006 May - Prospective Grad Students

Faculty Serving

2006 May - Ice Cream Social

The interview

2006 May - Good Day Sacramento

Team asian

2006 May - Culinary Combat Event

group photo

2006 April - Pre-Picnic Day BBQ

group photo

2006 April - Picnic Day Parade

Groups going through the exhibits

2006 April - Picnic Day Exhibits


2006 April - Brewery Opening

Wendy Maduff, Michelle Danyluk, Karen Jo Hunter, Kit Meyers and Kristen

2006 February - Cooking Class

Soyum Team

2006 January - Little Bang

The singers

2005 December - Holiday Party

Peaches on line

2002 Summer - Peach Processing, Cruess Hall Pilot Plant

1980 FST Group Faculty photo

1980 - early 1990s photos

FST faculty and staff photos from 1980 through the early 1990s, courtesy of Professor Emeritus Ga

batik image

Batik Art from Filper Room, Cruess Hall

Three batik cloth panels were installed in the conference room in Cruess Hall, the old home of the Department of Food Science and Technology, in 1968.

1965 Thermal Death Time Retorts - Lab, PP, Shop Equip

Cruess Hall - Old Pilot Plant, Lab, & Shop Equipment

Pilot plant opening pic, 1960s

1960 Cruess Hall Pilot Plant Dedication Event

1958 Food Technology Picnic Day Float, color

1958 Picnic Day

Food Technology - IFT brochure, 1955-1956

Food Technology, IFT career brochure from 1955-1956

A brochure on careers in Food Technology, from the Institute of Food Technologists.

FST Department picnic, undated, 1950s

1950s Department Picnic

Primary image Don Lord collection

Don Lord Milk Bottle Collection (1-192)

Don Lord, a longtime California dairy industry member and collector of California milk bottles, donated 192 of his best specimens to UC Davis in 2001.

Microencapsulation in Food and Related Applications

Microencapsulation in Food and Related Applications

To accompany Microencapsulation in Food and Related Applications