Andrew J. Gravelle

Andrew Gravelle

Andrew J. Gravelle, Ph.D.

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Food Science and Technology

2208 Robert Mondavi Institute - South

Food Science (2021 - )


M.Sc. Biophysics, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Ph.D. Food Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada


Dr. Gravelle’s research focuses on characterizing the relationship between structural properties and functionality in foods using a materials science approach. To this end, his research activities focus on establishing a more fundamental understanding of how the composition and molecular architecture of multi-component foods impacts their mechanical and sensory response. Particular emphasis is given to characterizing fat-filled food gels, with a target of developing rational design principals that can be used to effectively implement new and emerging ingredients (such as plant-derived proteins).

A second focus of Dr. Gravelle’s research program is the development and characterization of structured oil systems, commonly referred to as “oleogels”. This technology shows promise for mimicking the desirable functional and sensory attributes of traditional fats, while providing an opportunity to optimize the nutritional profile and reduce environmental impact. Further applications include the delivery and controlled release of bioactive compounds.

Dr. Gravelle is also currently the Editor in Chief for the Food Science subject area of the methodology-focused, interdisciplinary journal MethodsX.


Awards and Honors

2018: Food Structure and Functionality Symposium - Young Scientist Award