FST 190 Outcome


A. Specific Learning Outcomes. At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify and select sources of credible information concerning key topics in food science
  • Apply and incorporate the principles of Food Science in practical, real-world situations and problems
  • Use library, scientific and non-scientific resources
  • Define a problem, identify potential causes and possible solutions, and apply critical thinking skills to make thoughtful recommendations
  • Critically evaluate, explain and illustrate information and relate this information in an oral presentation
  • Evaluate effectiveness of their individual oral presentations as well as those of their peers

How this course addresses IFT Core Competencies:
Taught in the spring quarter of the senior year, FST 190 is a one unit lecture course that provides students opportunities to disseminate scientific information in a formal oral presentation. Students select contemporary food science topics of personal interest. The course meets core competencies in applied food science and success skills as well as applied food science.

B. Tools used to assess program outcomes

Bloom’s levels III-VI.
This course develops oral and language communication skills. Students are taught to present an oral seminar. Assessment includes weekly participation and presentation of a contemporary research topic. Each student will present a practice seminar to the course TA who provides immediate feedback. During the formal presentation to the class, the other students provide written evaluations of the speakers. The TA and instructor provide written evaluations to each presenter.

C. Brief summary of assessment results to date

Students are asked to complete a course evaluation form for the course. The course and the instructor are evaluated separately. Student feedback is carefully reviewed annually, and new strategies are developed to deliver the course content in a more effective manner.