Comsol Access Instruction

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Install COMSOL on Windows

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Campus VPN
    1. Make sure to choose "FST-VEN-APP-USERS" role when connecting to VPN, it does not work with other roles. If you don't get the role selection option, please remove your VPN settings and re-add it.
      Select the correct VPN Role

  2. Press Windows key + R to open Run prompt
  3. Type \\\ComsolShare and click OK
    Comsol Path


    1. If it asks for a username and password, put your full UC Davis email address with Kerberos password
    2. You can also check “Remember my credentials” to avoid this pop up in future
    3. Click “OK
  4. It will open a new window, double click “Comsol-6-Install.bat” to run the installer.
  5. Click “Run” on the Security Warning pop up
    Running Comsol Batch File


    1. It will ask for Administrative privileges confirmation, click "Yes"
  6. Press any key to start the process
    Start Comsol Batch File
    1. It may show up the Security Warning pop up again, click "Run"
      Security Warning Popup


  7. Depending on your internet connection speed (it is a 6GB file), it will take some time to launch, then it will only show you the installation progress. Once complete, it will close automatically.
    Comsol Installation Progress


Install COMSOL on Mac

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Campus VPN with "FST-VEN-APP-USERS" as the selected role.
  2. Click on Go, then choose Connect to a server
  3. Type smb:// and click Connect
  4. It will ask for username and password, use your full UCD e-mail address and Kerberos password.
  5. For M1 processor, double-click on COMSOL60_macarm64.dmg, For Intel Processors, double click COMSOL60_maci64.dmg 
    1. Here is how to determine whether your Mac has chip or processor:
  6. Double click the file "COMSOL60" or "Setup" to start installation process.
  7. Choose language
  8. Click on "New COMSOL 6.0 Installation"
  9. Agree to the license terms
  10. Under License information, choose "<port number>@<hostname>" as the license format
  11. On Port number put 1718, on hostname type
  12. Put your name, and FST - UC Davis as the company
  13. On the features window, only choose Comsol. Do not select License manager
  14. Click next until finished



  • Make sure you are connected to the Campus VPN with "FST-VEN-APP-USERS" as the selected role.
  • On Windows machines, you can find it on your Desktop, or you can find it in the Start Menu
  • On MacOS, it is located under Applications

Note: Disconnect from the Campus VPN once you are done working with COMSOL.