FST 203 - Food Processing


COURSE GOALS: To teach graduate students in Food Science and Technology advanced food processing, including application of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and reaction kinetics principles to the unit operations involved in the processing and preservation of food.

PREREQUISITES: Course 110A, Physics 5C or 7C, Chemistry 107B and an undergraduate course in Food Processing.

RESTRICTIONS:  Not open for credit to students who have completed courses FST 100A, FST 100B, or FST 111.

COURSE FORMAT: The course combines both lecture and discussion formats for delivery of the material.


  1. Conservation Laws: Mass, Energy, Momentum (Force)
  2. Heat Transfer: Heat transfer mechanisms, Transient heating, Phase changes
  3. Rheology: Solid foods, Liquid foods, Viscoelastic behavior
  4. Mass transfer: Separation processes
  5. Kinetics: Quality changes, Stability

The recommended reference books are:
Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering - Toledo
Introduction to Food Engineering - Singh and Heldman
Additional reading is assigned in the class from various sources including textbooks and journal articles.