Quarter Abroad

Quarter Abroad

  • Research at UC Davis Chile Study at the UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center at the heart of Chile in Santiago. One can experience Santiago de Chile's rich culture and customs in comfortable Mediterranean weather exploring neoclassical architecture or historical museums. The city sits between the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains and the sand beaches of enormous Chilean coastlines. The research at UC Davis Chile explores the R&D technical solutions that are industry-driven or of international and national interest. 
  • Study at Wageningen University in the Netherlands 

You will stay at Wageningen University, a sister university to UC Davis, in the small college town of Wageningen. Public transport will take you to the town’s many attractions in minutes, and to Amsterdam in an hour and a half. And everyone speaks English! 

Here is the description of the course articulation  

Wageningen Course Articulation.pdf

  • Study at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan
  • New funding opportunity! A new $45,000 grant, made possible by UC Alianza MX 2024 Seed Funding Opportunity for Mobilities in Mexico, is available for 10 students enrolled in the Latinx Health Internships program in Oaxaca! The 10 selected students will receive $4,500 total towards their Program Cost. Apply here: https://chi.ucdavis.edu/global-learning


UC Davis Chile Research and Development

Click to learn more about research projects and topics that UC Davis Chile is focusing on including genomics, viticulture, and agriculture solutions. The website is available in English and Spanish