Moshe Rosenberg

Moshe Rosenberg

Moshe Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Position Title
Professor and Specialist, Dairy Engineering and Technology

Food Science and Technology

2200 Robert Mondavi Institute - South


D. Sc. Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), 1985


Dr. Rosenberg develops a new understanding about the microencapsulating properties of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Using this information, he develops delivery systems for nutrients and bio-active compounds. The research also allows him to gain a better understanding regarding the physico-chemical principals that govern milk processability, functionality of milk constituents and quality attributes of cheese and other dairy products. His team is developing new ways to improve quality and functionality of dairy products and develop new applications for milk constituents.

Microencapsulation in Food and Related Applications

Selected Publications

  • Rosenberg, M. and A. Altemueller. 2001. Accumulation of free L-glutamic acid in full- and reduced-fat cheddar cheese ripened at different time/temperature conditions. Food Science and Technology (Lebensmittel Wissenschaft und Technologie) 34:279-287.
  • Rosenberg, M., and E. DePeters. 2003. Method and compositions for preparing and delivering rumen protected lipids, other nutrients and medicaments. International Patent application.  Pending
  • Satpathy, G. and M. Rosenberg. 2003. Encapsulation of chlorothiazide in whey proteins: Effects of wall-to-core ratio and cross-linking technology on microcapsule properties and drug release. Journal of Microencapsulation 20(2):227-245.
  • Mor-Rosenberg, Y., C.F. Shoemaker and M. Rosenberg. 2004. Mechanical properties of composite gels consisting of fractionated whey proteins and fractionated milk fat. Food Hydrocolloids 18:153-166.
  • Rosenberg, M. and S.J. Lee. 2004. Calcium-alginate coated, whey protein-based microspheres: Preparation, some properties and opportunities. Journal of Microencapsulation 21(3):263-281.

Extension of Knowledge Activities 

  • FST 119 - Chemistry and Technology of Mild and Dairy Products
  • Annual Cheese Conference and Training program, Sonoma, CA
  • Annual CalPoly/UC Davis Cheese Course I, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Annual CalPoly/UC Davis Cheese Course II, San Luis Obispo, CA