Mike Clegg

Mike Clegg

Mike Clegg, Ph.D.

Position Title
Teaching Laboratory Manager

Food Science and Technology

2143 Robert Mondavi Institute - North


Dr. Clegg is responsible for logistics, directing TAs, and assisting with the instruction of Food Biochemistry/Food Chemistry courses. Other responsibilities include the purchasing of departmental advanced instrumentation and service contracts, instructing faculty, staff and students on use and maintenance of advanced instrumentation.


B.S. degree, Food Science, University of California Davis
M.S. degree, Food Science, University of California Davis
MBA degree, Finance, California State University Sacramento
Ph.D. degree, Nutrition, University of California Davis

Research Interests

Dr. Clegg’s principal research interest is to examine how fluctuations in dietary and cellular zinc affect cell signaling and gene expression events in cells, embryos, and experimental animals. This research is directed at delineating the rheostat control cellular zinc plays in balancing the processes of cell death and cell proliferation, and examining how imbalances in these two critical processes results in intrauterine growth retardation, immune dysfunction, birth defects, and necrotic/apoptotic cell death. Techniques employed in his research include flame and flameless atomic absorption, inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy OES/MS, rheology, colorimetry, Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy, flow cytometry, epifluorecence and confocal imaging microscopy, real time pcr, cell/embryo culture, cell transfection, electrophoresis, low pressure chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography/ gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry.

Select Publications

  1. Hanjiang Zhu, Michael S. Clegg, Charles F. Shoemaker, Selina C. Wang. Characterization of diacylglycerol isomers in edible oils using gas chromatography-ion trap electron ionization mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A, 1304, 194-202, 2013.
  2. Hanna, LA, Clegg, MS, Niles, BJ, and Keen, CL. The Influence of Gestational Zinc Deficiency on the Fetal Insulin-Like Growth Factor Axis in the Rat. Experimental Biology and Medicine, Epub September 2 (2009).
  3. Niles, BJ, Clegg, MS, Hanna, LA, Chou, SS, Momma, TY, Hong, H, and Keen, CL. Zinc deficiency-induced iron accumulation: A consequence of alterations in iron regulatory protein binding activity, iron transporters, and iron storage proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283: 5168-5177 (2008).
  4. Clegg, MS, Hanna, LA, Niles, BJ, Momma, TY, Keen, CL. Zinc deficiency-induced cell death. IUBMB Life, 57:661-9 (2005).
  5. Duffy, JY, Overmann, GJ, Jump, L, Keen, CL, Clegg, MS, Daston, GP. Cardiac abnormalities induced by zinc deficiency are associated with alterations in the expression of genes regulated by zinc-finger transcription factors. Birth Defects Research Part B: Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, 71:102-9 (2004).
  6. Chou, SS, Clegg, MS, Momma, TY, Niles, BJ, Duffy, JY, Daston, GP, Keen, CL. Alterations in protein kinase C activity and processing during zinc-deficiency-induced cell death. Biochemical Journal, 383(Pt 1):63-71 (2004).
  7. Keen, CL, Clegg, MS, Hanna, LA, Lanoue, L, Rogers, JM, Daston, GP, Oteiza, P, Uriu-Adams, JY. The plausibility of micronutrient deficiencies being a significant contributing factor to the occurrence of pregnancy complications. Journal of Nutrition, 133:1597S-605S (2003).