Michael J. McCarthy

Michael J. McCarthy

Michael J. McCarthy, Ph.D.

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

Food Science and Technology


Food Science (1984-2016)

 Professor McCarthy retired in July of 2016. 


 Ph. D. University of California at Berkeley, 1986
 B.S. Ch.E. University of Florida


Professor McCarthy’s research program focused on:

  • Application of process analytical technology to food manufacturing processes,
  • Real-time measurements of product quality,
  • Measurements and modeling of transport phenomena in food processing,
  • Development and evaluation of novel magnetic resonance based process sensors,
  • Measurement of food microstructure and processing induced microstructural changes.

Selected Publications

  • Zhang, L., M.J. McCarthy. 2015. NMR Relaxometry Study of Development of Freeze Damage in Mandarin Orange. J. of the Science of Food and Agriculture. DOI 10.1002/jsfa.7491
  • Mihailova, O., Lim, V., McCarthy, M.J., McCarthy, K.L. and Bakalis, S. 2015. Laminar mixing in a SMX static mixer evaluated by Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Chemical Engineering Science. 137:1014-1023.
  • Lim, V., Hobby A., McCarthy, M.J. and K.L. McCarthy.  2015. Laminar mixing of miscible fluids in a SMX mixer evaluated  by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Chemical Engineering Science. 137:1024-1033.
  • Le,P, Zhang, L. Lim,V., McCarthy, M.J. Nitin, N. 2015. A novel approach for measuring resistance of Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes to hydrogen peroxide using label-free magnetic resonance imaging and relaxometry. Food Control. 50:560-567.
  • Kirtil, E., Oztop,HM, Sirjariyawat,A., Ngamchuachit,P., Barrett,D.M. and McCarthy, M.J. 2014. Effect of pectin methyl esterase (PME) and CaCl2 infusion on the cell integrity of fresh-cut and frozen-thawed mangoes: An NMR relaxometry study. Food Research International. 66:409-416.
  • Zhang, L. and McCarthy, M.J. 2013. Assessment of pomegranate postharvest quality using nuclear magnetic resonance. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 77:59-66.
  • Zhang, L., Barrett, D.M. and McCarthy, 2013.  Characterization of the Red Layer and Pericarp of Processing Tomato using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Journal of Food Science. 78: E50–E55. doi: 10.1111/j.1750-3841.2012.03007.x
  • Kong, F. , Oztop, M.H., Singh, R.P., and McCarthy, M.J. 2013. Effect of boiling, roasting and frying on disintegration of peanuts in simulated gastric environment. LWT-Food Science and Technology. 50:32-38.
  • Maleky, F., McCarthy, K.L., McCarthy, M.J. and Marangoni, A.  2012.  Effect of Cocoa Butter Structure on Oil Migration. Journal of Food Science. 77(3):E74-79.
  • Lavenson, D.M., Tozzi, E.J., Powell, R.L. and McCarthy, M.J. 2012. Effective diffusivities of BSA in cellulosic fiber beds measured with magnetic resonance imaging. Cellulose. DOI: 10.1007/s10570-012-9732-2
  • Lavenson, D.M., Tozzi, E.J., Karuna,N., Jeoh,T. Powell, R.L. and McCarthy, M.J. 2012. The effect of mixing on the liquefaction and saccharification of cellulosic fibers. Bioresource Technology. 111:P240-247.
  • Zhang, L. and McCarthy, M.J. 2012. Food Quality Assurance and Control. eMagRes.
  • Tozzi, E.J., Bacca, L.A., Hartt, W., McCarthy, K.L. and McCarthy, M.J. 2012. Robust processing of capillary velocimetry data via stress-rescaled velocity functions. Journal of Rheology. 56, 1499-.

Awards and Honors

1990: National Science Foundation - Presidential Young Investigator Award

1991: Institute of Food Technologists - Samuel Cate Prescott Award

1993: American Chemical Society Ag & Food Chemistry Division - Young Scientist Award

2016: Institute of Food Technologists - Fellow