Leslie J. Herzog

Leslie Herzog

Leslie J. Herzog

Position Title
Vice President of Operations & Research Services

The Understanding & Insight Group, LLC


After graduating Cornell University  with a BS in Food Science and obtaining an MS in Food Science at Rutgers University, Leslie joined Unilever.  During his career he has worked on an extensive portfolio of products including soups, side dishes, peanut butter, frozen complete meals, and beverages (both tea and non-tea based).  At his retirement in 2014 after 35 years of service, he became the Vice President of Operations & Research Services for The Understanding & Insight Group, LLC. 

Leslie has been active in both the local section of IFT, as well as national IFT activities.

During his career, and even more so after his retirement, he has mentored students and industry professionals.

He currently sits on Advisory Councils for University of California at Davis, Cornell University and Michigan State University’s Department of Food Science.