Kathryn L. McCarthy

Kathryn L. McCarthy

Kathryn L. McCarthy, Ph.D.

Position Title
Professor Emerita

Food Science and Technology


Food Science (1988-2015)

Professor McCarthy retired in 2015. 


Ph. D. University of California, Davis, 1987


Professor McCarthy applied engineering principles to evaluate and predict food properties to ensure that quality is enhanced through processing and shelf life. This work focused on the use of experimental evaluation and mathematical analysis of flow behavior and mass transfer, with an emphasis on rheology, moisture and lipid transport and mixing. 

Extension of Knowledge Activities 

  • FST 50 - Introduction to Food Preservation
  • FST 109 - Principles of Quality Assurance in Food Processing
  • FST 110L - Food Processing Laboratory
  • EBS 130 - Modeling of Dynamic Processes in Biological Systems
  • EBS 231 - Mass Transfer in Food and Biological Systems

Awards and Honors

1990: National Science Foundation - Presidential Young Investigator Award

1996: Institute of Food Technologists - Samuel Cate Prescott

2006: Extraordinary Women Engineers Project - Changing Our World: True Stories of Women Engineers