Jean-Xavier Guinard

Jean-Xavier Guinard

Jean-Xavier Guinard, Ph.D.

Position Title
Professor and Sensory Scientist

Food Science and Technology

2034 Robert Mondavi Institute - Sensory


Ph. D. University of California at Davis, 1991


Dr. Guinard is a sensory scientist and a consumer researcher. His research is focusing on the sensory properties of foods and beverages, how humans perceive them, and how they affect food choice and food intake and consumer behavior.

Selected Publications

  • Guinard, J.-X. and M.C. Cliff. 1987. Descriptive analysis of pinot noir wines from Carneros, Napa and Sonoma. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 38:211-215.
  • Guinard, J.-X. 1990. Lambic (Classic Beer Style Series:3). Brewers Publications, Boulder, CO.
  • Guinard, J.-X., C. Zoumas-Morse, and C. Walchak. 1998. Relation between parotid saliva flow and composition and the perception of gustatory and trigeminal stimuli in foods. Physiology & Behavior 63(1):109-118.
  • Guinard, J.-X. and P. Brun. 1998. Sensory-specific satiety: Comparison of taste and texture components. Appetite 31:141-157.
  • Yackinous, C. and J.-X. Guinard. 2001. Relation between PROP taster status and fat perception, touch and olfaction. Physiology & Behavior 72(3):427-437.

Extension of Knowledge Activities 

  • FST 10 - Food Science, Folklore and Health
  • FST 100B - Food Properties
  • FST 127 - Sensory Evaluation of Foods
  • FST 227 - Food Perception and the Chemical Senses
  • University Extension - Sensory Evaluation Methods
  • University Extension - Consumer Testing Methods