Erin DiCaprio

Erin Dicaprio

Erin DiCaprio, Ph.D.

Position Title
Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension in Community Food Safety

Food Science and Technology

3208 Robert Mondavi Institute - South

Food Science (2016 - )


Ph.D. The Ohio State University, 2015

M.S. The Ohio State University, 2012

B.S. Virginia Tech, 2005


Dr. DiCaprio’s area of expertise is in microbial food safety, with emphasis on foodborne viruses.  Viruses are a leading cause of foodborne disease and high risk foods for viral contamination are fresh produce, shellfish, and ready-to-eat foods.  Her research is focused on determining the mechanisms by which fresh produce is contaminated by foodborne viruses during production and processing and which biological and environmental factors influence viral persistence in these foods.  She is also working on the development of methods to inactivate foodborne viruses in fresh produce and other high risk foods.  

Extension of Knowledge Activities 

Dr. DiCaprio’s focus in on community food safety. She is involved with the Master Food Preserver Program and interacts with the general public to disseminate knowledge on safe food handling, preparation, and storage.