Maria L. Marco

Maria L. Marco

Maria L. Marco, Ph.D.

Position Title
Professor; Chair of the Food Science Graduate Group

Food Science and Technology

3200 Robert Mondavi Institute - South

Food Science (2009 - )


Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley, 2002


Professor Marco is investigating the microorganisms in foods and intestinal ecosystems. Her research emphasizes lactic acid bacteria and the contributions of these bacteria to the production of fermented foods and beverages and to human health and well-being. Dr. Marco and her team use approaches in systems biology, genetics, and ecology to study the common and unique properties of individual strains as well as the functional capacities of food and gut microbiomes.

Extension of Knowledge Activities

FST104 – Food Microbiology

FST204 – Advanced Food Microbiology


Awards and Honors

1995: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, Bethesda, Maryland - Pre-Intramural research training award (Pre-IRTA)

2012: American Society for Microbiology - Distinguished Lecturer