Ash Husain

Ash Husain

Ash Husain, Ph.D.

Position Title
Chief Technical Officer

Cedarlane Natural Foods


Dr. Ash Husain is Chief Technical Officer at CedarLane Natural Foods where his primary role is to provide strategic scientific expertise in advancing a relatively new technology of High Pressure Processing for commercializing refrigerated distribution of RTE meals and meal components. Dr. Husain is a member of IFT and is actively involved in Nonthermal and Food Engineering divisions of IFT. Over the 40 years of his career, his passion and focus was to search for an alternative sterilization technology to conventional thermal processing to deliver to consumers superior quality  wholesome nutritious foods with enhanced food safety.

Dr. Husain received his Ph.D in BioChemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 1972. He holds a M.Tech degree in Ag. and Mechanical Engineering from I I T, India. After a brief postdoctoral fellowship at Univ. of  California, Davis in Biomedical Engineering (Cardiology), he began his industry career at Hunt Wesson in 1974 and  he progressed to Director of Product Innovations & Technology Development at ConAgra Foods.. Dr. Husain worked for M&M Mars s as New business Development Manager where his responsibility was integration and application of pet Foods and Candy technology to new human foods.

Over the years of his career in industry, he collaborated with such international Technical research centers and Universities as SIK,  AIT, Avignon Food Research and Parma Institute and NCFST on a number research projects including High Pressure and Microwave pasteurization/Sterilzation of packaged foods. Dr. Husain has lectured at Universities in Product and Process Development ,Food Processing and Engineering at Cal Poly and Chapman University.

He is on the advisory board of UC Davis Food Science program and a board member and CTO of TEO, a venture capital company developing Continuous Microwave pasteurization of RTE meals.