F. Ryan Dowdy

F. Ryan Dowdy

Ryan Dowdy, Ph.D.

Food Science and Technology

Research Advisor

Degree Pursuing:



B.A. English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Ryan researches bioenergy production from food waste in the Christopher Simmons Lab. Ryan’s project there is on microbial fuel cells and microbial desalination. This novel technology uses bacteria that feed on food and agriculture waste streams to generate electricity. Applications include sustainable wastewater-to-electricity solutions for the dairy, fruit, and vegetable processors of California.

Ryan graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2010 with a B.A. in English, then completed a baccalaureate in Food Science in May 2014 from North Carolina State University. Before attending UC Davis, Ryan interned at NASA Johnson Space Center with the Advanced Food Technology Program. His career plan is to pursue green technologies in the field of food science that improve global food sustainability and security.