Matthew Lange

Matthew Lange

Matthew Lange, Ph.D.

Position Title
Professional Food and Health Informatician and Research Scientist

Food Science and Technology



Dr. Lange’s research program is helping to define and shape a new scientific discipline known as Food Informatics, while simultaneously enabling the engineering of a computable infrastructure for the burgeoning Internet of Food (IoF). Part Semantic Web (SemWeb), part Internet of Things (IoT), the IoF is the global, evolving knowledge base of food that exists as ontologies and linked object data (LOD) stores. These IoF infrastructure components allow anyone on the Internet to contribute what they know about food and also find answers to their questions. As the IoF matures, terminologies used to store information in, and query from, these repositories must be harmonized using standardized, structured vocabularies. These terminologies, known as ontologies, enable interoperability between internet devices as well as query by people via natural language text. In addition to enabling computational interoperability and query--standardization of ontology terms and their axiomatic relationships facilitates artificial intelligence via reasoning and deep learning. In connection with engineering infrastructure for the Internet of Food, Dr. Lange’s research focuses on these key areas:

  1. Building multi-ontology frameworks for combining knowledge stores across the environment⇔agriculture⇔food⇔diet⇔health knowledge spectrum and value chain
  2. Working with subject matter experts to create ontologies as “formal, explicit specifications of a shared conceptualization” within each of the above food knowledge domains
  3. Developing new methods to make ontology creation, curation, and acknowledgement easier and less technical
  4. Engineering of query, artificial intelligence, and software components across local and global IoF data stores and ontologies--for semantically enabled sensors, robotics, and knowledge applications related to food, sustainability, and health.

Selected Publications

  1. Lange, Matthew C., Danielle G. Lemay, and J. Bruce German. 2007. “A Multi-Ontology Framework to Guide Agriculture and Food towards Diet and Health.”  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 87 (8): 1427–34. doi:10.1002/jsfa.2832.
  2. Lange MC, Dallas DC, Lee HY, Le Parc A, Nobrega DeMoura Bell JM, Barile D. Human Nutrition: Determining functional properties and sources of recently identified food components: oligosaccharides, glycolipids, glycoproteins and peptides.” In: Neal Van Alfen, editor-in-chief. Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems, Vol. 2, San Diego: Elsevier; 2014. pp. 441-461
  3. Joslin, A. C., R. Green, J. B. German, and M. C. Lange. 2014. “Concept Mapping One-Carbon Metabolism to Model Future Ontologies for Nutrient-Gene-Phenotype Interactions.”Genes & Nutrition 9 (5): 419.
  4. Baer, A., Lange, M. “uc_Sense: An Ontology for Scientifically-Based Unambiguous Characterization of Sensory Experiences.”
  5. Colet, E., Lange, M. “uc_Milk: An Ontology for Scientifically-Based Unambiguous Characterization of Mammalian Milks, Their Composition and the Biological Processes Giving Rise to Their Creation.”
  6. Spyrou C., Lange, M. “uc_FIDO:  Unambiguous Characterization of Food Interactions with Drugs Ontology”
  7. Taji, K., Lange M. “uc_Eating:: Ontology for Unambiguous Characterization of Eating and Food Habits.”

Outreach and Knowledge Extension Activities

2016-Now Founder and Executive Director, IC3-FOODS International Center for Food Ontology Operability Data and Semantics
2015-Now Faculty Mentor Food Business School

Founding Member,

Internet of Food Special Interest Group
Internet Society
2015-Now Advisory Board Member Future Food Institute

Technical Advisory Board,

PCORI P2E2T2 - Health in Diabetes
UC Davis Health System

Founder & Organizer,

Davis-Sacramento Chapter
Quantified Self
2011-present Founding Member & Senior Technical Advisor Phenotype Foundation
2010-2012 Member, Global Expert Working Group on Nutrient-Gene Interactions International Life Science Institute (ILSI) Europe

Invited Talks

Aug 2016 Invited Panelist: Workshop on Food Ontology International Conference on Biomedical Ontology Corvalis, OR
Jul 2016 Invited Speaker: “Modelling food systems for resilient and sustainable nutrition and health on a changing planet” Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford Oxford, England
May 2016 Invited Speaker: “Engaging the Italian AgriFood industry in design of the Internet of Food” Cibus Parma Parma, Italy
May 2016 Invited Speaker: “Designing the Internet of Food to enhance  food security, safety and sustainability” World Food Research and Innovation Forum Parma, Italy
May 2016 Invited Speaker: “Designing the Ontological and Semantic Infrastructure for the Internet of Food” Seeds and Chips: the Internet of Food Conference Milan, Italy
May 2016 Invited Participant: “Envisioning the future of food and the internet” Future Food Institute Retreat Bologna, Italy
Dec 2015 Invited Panelist: “Prominent Challenges in Modern Food, Ag & Health” Solution Summit and Hackathon UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health Davis, CA
Nov 2015 Invited Speaker: “Health, Food, and Food Systems Informatics” University College , Dublin Dublin, Ireland
May 2015 Guest Lecture:  “Sustainably Delivering Personalized Foods with a big-data informed kitchen” UC Davis Center for Biophotonics Sacramento, CA
May 2015 Invited Speaker: “Decision Support for Health and Wellness: From the Clinic to the Kitchen” IBM Almaden Research Facility San Jose, CA