Lianna Lee

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Lianna Lee

Food Science and Technology


Degree Pursuing:



B.A. in Economics and Chemistry from Wellesley College.


Lianna earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and chemistry from Wellesley College (class of 2012), and taught high school chemistry and physics for three years in NYC before realizing her passion for food chemistry. Lianna discovered food science in the South Bronx when she was searching for a way to promote student interest in chemistry, a subject commonly viewed as incomprehensible and irrelevant to the teenage audience. Her growing curiosity in food science inspired her to pursue advanced studies at UC Davis, where she specializes in food chemistry. She currently evaluates the health claims concerning activated almonds, which are almonds that have been soaked for 12-24 hours, by analyzing the chemical composition and enzymatic activity in different almond samples. Her ideal career involves food innovation and product development, and devising ways to enhance the nutritional, safety, and sensory properties of food.