Gulustan Ozturk

Gulustan Ozturk

Gulustan Ozturk, Ph.D.

Food Science and Technology

Research Advisor

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As an international doctoral student from Turkey, Gulustan Ozturk wanted to continue expanding her knowledge and research with the desire to gain skill in Food Microbiology and Safety. The doctoral program in Food Sciences at UC Davis offers invaluable advantages including internationally esteemed faculty members, innovative and well-coordinated curriculum and possibilities for research that will surely enhance a professional career in the future,” Ozturk said.

Currently, she has been working on Yersinia enterecolitica, a gram negative, food borne pathogen that causes gastroenteritis.  CsrA (Carbon storage regulator A) is a global posttranscriptional regulatory system that regulates numerous physiological processes such as virulence and motility in Y. enterecolitica. The interaction between the CsrA and T3SS plays a critical role in the establishment of infection. Therefore, her  research will investigate how CsrA protein in Y. enterecolitica regulates the post-trancription of the flagellar, Ysa (Yersinia secretion apparatus) and Ysc (Yersinia secretion component) type 3 secretion system (T3SS) that are responsible for motility and virulence, respectively.

In her professional future, she plan to share her knowledge and experience by teaching and pursuing scientific research in a university setting. After receiving her Ph.D., Ozturk plans to become a professor in Turkey. Her studies as an undergraduate and graduate student were related to food sciences. It is something she is passionate about.