Andrea Tam

Andrea Tam

Andrea Tam

Position Title
Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Food Science and Technology


Degree Pursuing (MS/PhD):



B.A. in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania (2017)


Andrea is interested in recovering bioactive compounds from dairy waste streams and creating value-added products. In Dr. Juliana Maria Leite Nobrega de Moura Bell’s Lab, Andrea is working on extracting and purifying oligosaccharides using environmentally-friendly technologies such as membrane filtration. She is working to scale-up these methods to pilot scale.

Andrea’s previous undergraduate research was in inorganic chemistry. Under the guidance of Dr. Neil Tomson, Andrea worked under inert atmospheres to synthesize metal-ligand complexes that chelate to small molecules. These complexes serve as catalysts to convert the small molecules to alternative fuel sources. This research sparked Andrea’s interest in finding environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods for extracting nutritive compounds from waste streams.