Planning Your Academic Path

How do I move ahead with making an Academic Plan?

  1. Log into OASIS: the Online Advising Student Information System.
  2. Make a draft Academic Plan using the planning worksheets available.
  3. Get help from a Peer Advisor.
  4. Meet with an Advisor to fine-tune you plan and put it into action.

All of the past coursework planning documents have been moved to OASIS: the Online Advising Student Information System.

OASIS provides many useful tools to empower our students to take ownership of their coursework and their future. When you first start out as a student, explore OASIS and start designing your own Academic Plan. Then meet with an advisor to fine-tune your plan. Meeting with an advisor will ALWAYS be more fruitful if you have already made a draft Academic Plan yourself first. Need help with OASIS? Look for an OASIS class, or visit with a Peer Advisor in your major.