FST 109 - Principals of Quality Assurance in Food Processing


COURSE OBJECTIVES: To introduce basic concepts of quality control and quality assurance, to give an overview of QC/QA in the food industry, to present some statistical quality control tools with applications in the food industry, and to cover up-to-date topics of QC/QA as they relate to food industry and government relations.

PREREQUISITES: The course is intended for upper division and graduate students, especially those headed for careers involving quality assurance in the food and allied industries or related governmental services.


COURSE FORMAT: Lectures and problem solving discussion sessions. Grading is based on one midterm examination, one final examination, and in-class quizzes.


  1. Review of statistics relevant to QA/QC
  2. Control Charts
  3. Sampling and Sampling Plans
  4. Quality Factors in Food
  5. Test Methods
  6. Process Capability/Process Control
  7. Design of Experiments
  8. Quality Control Programs