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Brewing Science Option

The brewing science option prepares students for careers in production or quality assurance within the brewing industry or other food fermentation industries (e.g., other alcoholic beverages, vinegar and cheese). The option also prepares students for graduate study in food science. The option exposes the students to a diversity of coursework, including chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and engineering as they pertain to the malting and brewing processes. Issues of quality assurance, plant sanitation and packaging are also key. Of course, there is a thorough grounding in malting and brewing.

Additional Requirements 
Specific Course Requirements26-29 
Organic Chemistry: CHE 8A, 8B6
Introduction to Brewing and Beer: FST 3 (recommended but not required)(3)
Malting and Brewing Science: FST 102A
Practical malting and Brewing: FST 102B4
Plant Sanitation: FST 108
Quality Assurance: 1093
Introduction to Enzymology: FST 1233
Food Packing: FST 1314
Additional courses to be selected from an up-to-date list of approved courses available from the Department Advising Center (See below)9

 Course Units Quarter Offered 
 Food Science and Technology (FST)  
99 Special Study for Undergraduates 1-3All Quarters
107Food Sensory Science4Fall
123LEnzymology Laboratory 2Spring
192Internship for Advanced Undergraduates1-3All Quarters
198Directed Group Study1-4All Quarters
199Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates1-3All Quarters
 Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE)  
18Business Law4Fall, Spring, Summer
112Fundamentals of Business Organization4Fall, Spring, Summer
Chemistry (CHE)  
107APhysical Chemistry for the Life Sciences3Fall
107BPhysical Chemistry for the Life Sciences3Winter
108Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules3Spring
 Communications (CMN) 
1Introduction to Public Speaking4All Quarters
3Interpersonal Communication Competence4All Quarters
Economics (ECN)  
1BPrinciples of Macroeconomics5All Quarters
 Population Health and Reproduction (PHR)  
450HACCP and Risk Management3Winter

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