M. Rosenberg - Dairy Sciences, Technology and Engineering


The Dairy Science, Technology and engineering program at Dr. Rosenberg’s lab is a multidisciplinary research, platform that is aimed at developing new basic knowledge and applicable information and technologies pertaining to milk processing and dairy products. Specifically, the program addresses challenges and opportunities related to:

1. Cheese making technology and the development of cheese quality attributes during aging

2. Cheese Terroir

3. Milk processing technology and engineering – process design and configuration

4. Physico-chemical, structural, and functional properties of milk constituents (proteins, lipids, lactose).

  • Emulsification, gelation, foaming properties of milk proteins
  • Thermal properties of  milk lipids
  • Microencapsulating properties of whey proteins, lipids and lactose

5. Physico-chemical, rheological, microstructural and quality attributes of dairy products.

6. Utilization of milk proteins and lipids as functional ingredients in food and dairy products.

7. Regional origin and traceability of milk and dairy products.

Dairy Science related classes taught by M. Rosenberg:

  1. FST119 – Dairy Chemistry and Technology;
  2. FST 219 – Cheeses of the world - Biochemistry, Microbiology and Technology of Cheeses of the World
  3. FRS002 First-Year Seminar “Life After Cheddar”

Short Courses Instructed by M. Rosenberg

  • Dairy Chemistry and Microbiology;
  • Unit operations in milk processing;
  • Fermented dairy products;
  • Cheese making – the art, science and technology;
  • Cheese Defects and their prevention
  • UHT and sterilized dairy products
  • Cheese aging and the development of cheese quality attributes

To learn more about our activities please call 530 752-4682 or email to mrosenberg@ucdavis.edu