Shan Huang

 Shan  Huang


  • Food Science and Technology


Degree Pursuing:

M.S. Food Science and Technology


B.S. in Food Science, Cornell University

Research Adviser:

Nitin Nitin


Shan is interested in food engineering and food processing. At UC Davis, her research focus is on using advanced imaging methods to characterize food powders and relating powder images to powder physicochemical properties. Her work includes 1) method development for imaging food powders with high content of fat, sugar and protein, and 2) characterization of dairy and egg powders with varying compositions or processing conditions.

Shan graduated from Cornell University in 2014 with a B.S in food science and a business minor. She had internship experience in both R&D and marketing divisions at several multinational companies, including General Mills, Bio-Rad Laboratories and Starbucks (China).  In the future, Shan wants to apply her knowledge of food science to the production, processing and development/optimization in the consumer packaged goods industry.