Luis Antonio Garay Almada

 Luis Antonio Garay Almada


  • Food Science and Technology


Degree Pursuing:



Bachelor in Chemical Sciences

Research Adviser:

J. Bruce German


  • Research field: Microbial Lipids/Yeast Fermentations.
  • Current Project: The metabolic machinery within single cell microorganisms constitutes an attractive resource for the creation of high value biomolecules. One example is the lipogenetic pathways in yeast. A series of strains have been identified as capable of transforming simple carbon sources (e. g. glucose) into a series of sophisticated, high value lipids, some of which require simple down-processing techniques for recovery. As a consequence these strains constitute a mechanistic model to understand how carbon is allocated to different lipogenetic pathways and transformed into high value lipids for commercial use. Furthermore, work is underway to understand how these strains regulate these pathways, and how carbon is funneled to increase or decrease production of each of the high value lipids when these yeasts are grown in specific environmental conditions. Such knowledge will contribute towards generating valuable biotechnological tools that can ultimately increase supply of cleaner, cheaper and more architecturally intelligent molecules that could replace those already existing in the market, or expand into new markets of biomolecules.
  • Career/Future Goals: The aim is to translate the intellectual property being created in the project into a biotechnological business which can ultimately supply environmentally friendly lipid alternatives replacing petroleum based or synthetic based lipids, at lower cost and higher yield.