Maria L. Marco

 Maria L. Marco


  • Associate Professor
  • Food Science and Technology


Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley, 2002


Professor Marco’s team is investigating the ecology and molecular genetics of beneficial bacteria associated with plant surfaces and mammalian digestive tracts. Organisms of particular interest in the Marco lab are Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) found in plant and gut environments. LAB are important for the production of (fermented) food products and specific strains are currently being applied as probiotics to deliver health benefits in the human gut. This lab aims to understand the molecular adaptations and activities of LAB in the context of the indigenous plant and gut microbiota to improve food production and maintain human health.

Selected Publications

  • Bokyung Lee, Xiaochen Yin, Stephen M. Griffey, and Maria L. Marco. 2015.  Attenuation of colitis by Lactobacillus casei BL23 is dependent on the dairy delivery matrix. Applied Environmental Microbiology 81(18):6425-35.
  • Bokyung Lee, Sybille Tachon, Richard A Eigenheer, Brett S Phinney, and Maria L. Marco. 2015. Lactobacillus casei low-temperature, dairy-associated proteome promotes persistence in the mammalian digestive tract. Journal of Proteome Research 14(8):3136-47.
  • Benjamin L. Golomb and Maria L. Marco. 2015. Lactococcus lactis metabolism and gene expression during growth on plant tissues. Journal of Bacteriology 197(2):371-81.
  • Thomas Williams and Maria L. Marco.  2014. Phyllosphere microbiota composition and microbial community transplantation on lettuce plants grown indoors. mBio. E01564-14.
  • Lauren M Kopit, Eun Bae Kim, Roland J Siezen, Linda J Harris, Maria L. Marco. 2014. Safety of the surrogate Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 for use in thermal process validation. Applied Environmental Microbiology. 80(6):1899-909.
  • 33. Xiaochen Yin, Yinzhuo Yan, Eun Bae Kim, Bokyung Lee, and Maria L. Marco. 2014. Effect of milk and milk containing Lactobacillus casei on the intestinal microbiota of mice. Journal of Dairy Science. 97(4):2049-55.
  • Sybille Tachon, Bokyung Lee, and Maria L. Marco. 2013. Diet alters probiotic Lactobacillus persistence and function in the intestine. Environmental Microbiology. 16(9):2915-26.
  • Maria L. Marco and Sybille Tachon. 2012. Environmental factors influencing the efficacy of probiotic bacteria. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 24(2):207-213.

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