Charles W. Bamforth

 Charles W. Bamforth


  • Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences
  • Food Science and Technology


Ph. D. Univeristy of Hull, 1977, D. Sc. University of Hull, 1993


Dr. Bamforth specializes in the science of malting and brewing. His current research program focuses primarily on the wholesomeness of beer, including studies on the psychophysics of beer perception, on polyphenols and on the residues from non-starchy polysaccharide digestion that constitute soluble fiber and potential prebiotics in beer. Research in the laboratory also embraces the enzymology of the brewing process, foam stability, preventing oxidation in wort and beer and alternative paradigms for beer production.

Selected Publications

  • Bamforth, C.W. and Ward, R.E., Eds (2014) Oxford Handbook of Food Fermentations, Oxford University Press.
  • Bamforth, C.W. 2013. Practical Guides for Beer Quality: Flavor. American Society of Brewing Chemists.
  • Bamforth, C.W. 2012. Practical Guides for Beer Quality: Foam. American Society of Brewing Chemists.
  • Bamforth, C.W. 2010. Beer is Proof God Loves Us. FT Press
  • Bamforth, C.W. 2009. Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing, Third Edition. Oxford University Press
  • Bamforth, C.W., editor. 2008. Beer: A Quality Perspective. Handbook of Alcoholic beverages series, Elsevier.
  • Bamforth, C. 2008. Grape versus Grain. Cambridge University Press
  • Bamforth, C., editor. 2006. Brewing: New Technologies. Woodhead Publishing

Awards and Honors

  • Award of Distinction, American Society of Brewing Chemists, 2011
  • Cambridge Prize, Institute of Brewing, 1984

Extension of Knowledge Activities 

  • FST 3 - Introduction to Beer and Brewing
  • FST 102A - Malting and Brewing Science
  • FST 102B - Practical Malting and Brewing
  • Short courses on brewing provided through the University of California Extension
  • International Brewing Courses in China, India, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia

For more information on Dr. Bamforth, visit his home page.