Christine M. Bruhn

 Christine M. Bruhn


  • CE Specialist Emerita
  • Food Science and Technology

Dr. Bruhn has expertise in consumer behavior, food science, and consumer economics.  She studied consumer attitudes toward food safety and quality and guided educational programs that inform consumers about food safety, new products and new technologies. She is past chair of the Food Science Communicators and the Nutrition Division of the Institute of Food Technologists, served as a Distinguished Scientific Lecturer for the Institute, from 1992-97 and 2002-2003, and was a member of the Executive Committee from 2003-2006. She is a Fellow of  the Institute of Food Technologists, the Institute of Food Science and Technology in the UK, and the International Association for Food Protection. In 2011 Dr. Bruhn completed a four year term on the FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee. She continues to serve as a consultant to the committee.

Research conducted by the Center for Consumer Research generates knowledge that lays the basis for effective decision making by consumers at a personal level and for effective policy and actions by public and private organizations. Dr. Bruhn has authored over one hundred fifty professional papers on consumer attitudes toward food. She receives numerous national and international requests to address consumer issues.  

Awards and Honors

    International Association for Food Protection, Fellow, 2012
    Carl R. Fellers Award, Institute of Food Technologists, 2011
    National Extension Assoc. of Family & Consumer Sc. Food Safety Award, Western Reg., 2010
    California Cheese and Butter Association, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009
    Institute of Food Technologists, Outstanding Member Extension Division, 2008
    Julius Bauermann Lectureship Award, 2006
    Educator Award, International Association for Food Protection, 2005
    Institute of Food Science and Technology, Fellow, 2002
    Food and Agricultural Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, and World Health Organization, 2001
    R.E Engel Award for outstanding contribution and dedication to food irradiation, International Consulting Group on Food Irradiation,
    Institute of Food Science and Technology, Fellow, United Kingdom, 2000
    G. Malcolm Trout Visiting Scholar, Michigan State University, 2000
    Certificate of Merit, International Association for Food Protection, 2000
    Bawden Memorial Lecturer, British Crop Protection Council, United Kingdom, 1999