FST 217 - Advanced Food Sensory Science

(2 units) FALL QUARTER

COURSE GOALS: It is necessary for the food industry to measure the flavor, texture and other sensory characteristics of food and consumer products for quality assurance, product development and optimization, studies of alternative processing, packaging and storage, as well s relating sensory to physical properties One of the best instruments for such analytical measurements is the human sensory system. It is also important to measure consumer perception and acceptance of such products. These activities fall under the general heading of Food Sensory Science; it is a fast expanding are and those graduating with such skills are much in demand. The goal of this course is to examine advanced techniques and theory of sensory measurement of food, as well as aspects of sensory function concerned with the perception of food.

PREREQUISITE: FST 107A (may be taken concurrently) or consent of instructor.

COURSE FORMAT: One two-hour lecture per week. The course consists of formal lectures followed by interactive discussion of the topics addressed in the lecture. Students are given selected research and review articles to read for each segment of the course. Knowledge is acquired from lectures, reading and discussion. Grades based two papers (each 33%) and a final exam (33%).


  1. Functions of the human senses and how they relate to food measurement
  2. Information processing in the brain with respect to perception of food
  3. Critical examination of advanced methodological issues
  4. Selected research topics