Student presentations at the Undergraduate Research Center Conference on April 28

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On Friday, April 28th, many of our students presented at the annual Undergraduate Research Center Conference.  Thank you to all of the students from food science and other majors for dedicating their time and research efforts in our faculty labs and congratulations on the honor to present your research!

Hongchang Cai, Food Science and Technology, Dr. Bornhorst’s lab
"Buffering Capacity of Dairy Products as Related to Simulated Gastric Digestion"

Aaron Leong, Food Science and Technology, Dr. Bornhorst’s lab
“Classification of Digestive Behavior of Canned Black Beans Based on the Food Breakdown Classification System”

Jiaqi Wang, Food Science and Technology, Dr. German’s lab
"Environmental Responses of Bioactive Enzyme Cathepsin D in Human Milk"

Nithya Kumar, Food Science and Technology, Dr. German’s lab
“Protease Detection in Human Milk”

Yi Lor, Biological Sciences, Dr. German’s lab
“Optimizing Sample Preparation for Milk Analysis”

Courtney Manning, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dr. German’s lab
"The Role of Endogenous Human Breast Milk Enzymes in Infant Digestion and Potential Bioactive Function of Digested Peptides in vivo"

Zhichao Zhang, Food Science and Technology, Dr. Taha’s lab
“Validation of a One-step Method for Extracting Fatty Acids in Food Samples”

Jia Yan, Food Science and Technology Graduate program, fall 2017
“The Effect of AWD60 on Rice Root Microbiome”

Elissa Goldman, Microbiology, Dr. Marco's lab
“Characterizing the Stress Tolerance of Lactobacillus plantarum”

Patricia Matus, Global Disease Biology, Dr. Marco's lab
“Plantaricin-mediated Fitness of L. plantarum”

Alicia Lim, Chemistry, Japanese, Dr. Wang’s lab
“Quantification of Oleuropein in Olive Leaf Supplements and Purification of Its Derivatives”

Elissa Goldman Patricia Matus, Dustin Heeney Jiaqi Wang Jenna Huynh, Henderson Lu Courtney Manning Yi Lor Samir Akre