Edwin N. Frankel, Ph.D. 
Adjunct Professor 
Department of Food Science
and Technology 
University of California 
Davis, CA 95616-8598 

Phone: 530-752-4478 
Fax: 530-752-4759 
Email: enfrankel@ucdavis.edu

Research Interests


Lipid oxidation and antioxidants in foods and biological systems.

Lipid oxidation and stability of fats and oils. Methods to evaluate effective ways to improve oxidative stability, and the nutritional and safety of foods containing polyunsaturated lipids including fish and algae oils.

Antioxidants in foods and biology. Food and natural antioxidants in bulk oil and emulsion systems. Lipid peroxidation in biological systems. Oxidation of human low-density lipoprotein and its inhibition by antioxidants.

Chemistry of extra virgin olive oil. Methods to evaluate quality and adulteration


Curriculum vitae

Publications: 1988-2008


Previous and Current Teaching

Essential Science Indicator Feature, published by the Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, PA